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Meanwhile, Duryodhan provokes Ashwatthama against Arjun. Lord Vishnu appears before Devaki and Vasudeva and seeks Devaki's permission to be born as her son. Dhritarashtra accuses Pandu of conspiring against him and taking over the throne. The channel is a full-time package of unlimited entertainment. Shakuni poisons the kheer prepared for Bheem. Shikhandini is heart-broken when her post is given to Dhrishtadyumna. Bheem injures Duryodhan by attacking his weak areas. How will the Pandava brothers react to Dhritarashtra's next order? Who will she choose? At the palace, Shantanu announces Bhishma as the Prince of Hastinapur. Karna informs Shakuni that he can kill Arjun without Takshak's help and Duryodhan orders him to do so. The Pandavas fight with Bhishma but fail to defeat him. Draupadi tends to Shikhandini. As Draupadi stops Karna from participating in the competition, the Pandavas arrive at the Swayamvar. He explains to him how the body can be destroyed but the soul remains eternal. Hotstar is your go-to video streaming app for the best of Indian entertainment, TV shows, LIVE cricket, news and movies. Indradev asks Karna to donate his Kavach and Kundal to him, or not participate in the war. How will Arjun and Rukmini reach the temple? Bhishma regrets taking Yudhishthir hostage. On Duryodhan's insistence, Karna uses his Divyastra and Arjun retaliates with the same. Instead of helping them, Jarasandh orders his soldiers to arrest them. Dhritarashtra is delighted in the belief that Duryodhan will kill the Pandavas. Arjun and Bheem visit the temple before digging. Mahabharata Kannada Title Song lyrics from Star Suvarna’s Mahabharata Kannada Serial.This is basically a title song of Kannada dubbed serial Mahabharata, first aired on Star Suvarna Channel in 2020. Will Dhritarashtra lose all his sons in the battle? Shakuni tricks Dronacharya and persuades him to stay. Zee network’s kannada gec back in the top list, during lock down period sun network channel udaya tv improved total trp points and listed as No.1 Kannada gec. Meanwhile, Yaaj and Upyaaj stop Drupad from killing a rishi. On his death bed, Karna requests Arjun to grant him a wish. But Duryodhan and Karna insult him by telling him to dance too. Pandu and Madri get intimate causing Pandu's death -- the curse is working. Now, who will be the King of Hastinapur? Krishna helps clear Arjun's mind by telling him about sattva, tamas and rajas. Priyamvada requests Kunti not to tell the Pandavas about Karna until she meets him. Meanwhile, Shakuni informs Bhishma that Susharman, the King of Trigarta, has attacked Matsya from the other side. Shakuni calls King Subala a cheat and tries to cancel the wedding, but Gandhari stops him. Meanwhile, Yudhishthir fights Bhishma and Bheem fights Duryodhan. At Panchal, Lord Krishna tries to make Drupad understand his mistake. Vasudeva gives the new born baby to his friend Nand and takes Nand's baby girl. To fulfil Pandu's desire to have a child, Kunti uses Rishi Durvasa’s boon. Later, Yudhishthir asks Bheem to burn his hands that sinned. He tells Duryodhan to let him fulfil his promise and also let Kunti stay with her sons. On entering the palace, Sahadev feels something bad is going to happen. The armies of the Pandavas and the Kauravas gather near Bhishma. At Hastinapur, Vidura wonders how to inform the Pandavas about the threat to their lives. Later, Bhishma advises Satyavati to get Pandu married. They decide to live in disguise, before returning to Hastinapur. Meanwhile, Vrushali advises Draupadi to visit Dhrishtadyumna. Balarama is furious with Bheem for breaking the rules and challenges him to a fight. He blames Pandu for conspiring against him. While Bhishma informs Duryodhan that the Pandavas will return stronger, Dhrishtadyumna announces that the Pandavas' army has suffered a huge loss. Duryodhan sends his spies in search of the Pandavas. The Kuru and the Pandavas' armies face each other on the battlefield. Krishna steps in to guide him. For Gandhari's sake, Shakuni lays a plan for Dhritarashtra to take the throne from Pandu. Shakuni seeks Shalya's help to defeat Nakul. He takes Bhishma and Gandhari's blessings. Later, Kunti and the Pandavas wait for Arjun to begin a puja in Varnavat. Later, Krishna explains Subhadra's state of mind and her intentions. Will Ganga accept his sacrifice? Duryodhan turns jealous on reaching Indraprastha. Who will make Dronacharya realise the mistakes he made while bringing up Ashwathama? Dhritarashtra destroys the statue mistaking it to be Bheem, and repents for the same. Krishna declares that the war will begin after three days. Duryodhan sacrifices his life. Later, Dhritarashtra panics on learning that Shikhandini has returned to the battlefield. entire star ’ mahabharat revive indian .Mahabharat (1988 tv series) - wikipedia, Mahabharat indian television series based hindu historical-drama epic . Duryodhan informs Shishupal that he will protect him if he ruins the Pandavas' Rajasuya. Yudhishthir is now the rightful king of Hastinapur. The potter informs them about Draupadi's Swayamvar. Drupad welcomes Krishna to Draupadi's Swayamvar. Kunti becomes worried on seeing the enmity between Arjun and Karna. Bhishma saves his life and decides to punish Vichitravirya but Satyavati interferes. On being reminded of his oath by Duryodhan, Bhishma decides to separate the Pandavas. Arjun saves him with his bow and arrow. Krishna assumes Vishwaroop and blesses Arjun. She strives for justice. Is Arjun now ready to attack the Kaurava army? Dhritarashtra decides to celebrate the occasion. An epic tale of conflict, insecurities and power play - … The baby girl transforms into a goddess and tells Kans about his destiny. Draupadi is disheartened with Arjun's decision. Meanwhile, Duryodhan and Dushyasan plan to kill Bheem. Ashwatthama informs Drona that Duryodhan will become Dhritarashtra's successor. To continue using YuppTV, please use one of the supported browsers as mentioned below. She bears a son from Lord Dharmraj. Bheem kills an elephant named Ashwathama. Krishna tells Yudhishthir to prepare for a war as that is the only way to get justice. Kank suggests that Virat should not rely on Keechak for the security of his kingdom. Will Draupadi agree? Meanwhile, Dhrishtadyumna beheads Dronacharya. Meanwhile, the Pandavas fume on learning that Dhritarashtra has not allowed Kunti to visit Indraprastha. The bitter rivalry of Kauravas and Pandavas, Draupadi's honour and Shri Krishna's tactics. Later, Krishna wants Abhimanyu to marry Uttara. Arjun seeks Dronacharya's blessings. The soldiers become unconscious and the chains holding Krishna fall away. The Pandavas take Abhimanyu's dead body to their camp. Later, he learns the truth and decides to inform Bhishma. Priyamvada asks Kunti to hide her past from Pandu. At Panchal, Dhrishtadyumna tells Draupadi that the sole purpose of his life is to fulfil Drupad's wish of killing Drona. An animal tries to attack Arjun, but he kills it. Courtesy : News 1st Kannada #Mahabharata #StarSuvarna #CMYeddiyurappa He traps Duryodhan in a magical globe but Karna frees him. Karna goes to Parashurama for archery training. Bhishma meets Karna and tells him that he was aware of his identity, hence wanted to keep him away from the Kuru family. Vidura tells Amba that a blind person cannot be a king. Arjun understands Duryodhan's plan when he discovers that the palace is built of lacquer. While he fights Ashwatthama and Dushyasan from the front, Shakuni stabs him from behind. Is it time for Kunti to meet her son? Which one of them is real? While worshiping Lord Somnath, Arjun sees Duryodhan and Shakuni. How will Duryodhan fight back? Kripi becomes enraged at Ashwathama for his rude behaviour with Dronacharya. She is furious at Yudhishthir for betting on her husbands. Vidur blames Dhritarashtra for Bhishma's condition and predicts the future of his family. Kunti, Draupadi and Arjun look after Bhishma. Shakuni convinces Balarama into believing that Krishna cheated the Kauravas. On his insistence, she decides to return to Hastinapur and get Yudhishthir appointed as the king. Satyavati comes to know about Bhishma and leaves Shantanu. Will Subhadra and Arjun be forgiven? So, Indradev blesses Karna with a divine weapon. She suggests he apologise to Draupadi. On learning the truth about Karna, Parashurama curses him that he will forget his knowledge when he will need it the most.Meanwhile, Shakuni is back in Hastinapur. He provokes Ashwatthama and Dhritarashtra against the Pandavas. Shakuni tells Purochan about his plan against the Pandavas. While Bheem and Arjun return to the potter's house, the wheels of their cart get stuck in the mud. Kans kills Devaki's seven children. Bheem asks Arjun to take aim. Dhritarashtra has a nightmare. Meanwhile, Amba gets Parashurama's attention. Kunti and the Pandavas leave Hastinapur for Varnavat. Keechak assures Duryodhan that he will help him find the Pandavas. Arjun comes forward and succeeds in hitting the target. For the second round, he stakes his brother, Vikarna. After defeating Yudhishtir, Duryodhan fights Bheem. Later, Karna and Duryodhan inform Dhritarashtra that they will attack Matsya. After the sun accepts it, she requests Bhishma to forgive and bless the Pandavas. Draupadi learns that Arjun is returning to Indraprastha with Subhadra. Vichitravirya dies under mysterious circumstances. To be able to fight Arjun, Duryodhan makes Karna, a king. Vidur reaches Virat's kingdom to negotiate with the Pandavas. Krishna asks Dhritarashtra to either accept Arjun's marriage or declare the Pandavas' land independent. Bhishma tells Yudhishthir that he will release his brothers if he permits. Karna tries to defend Duryodhan, but in vain. On Dushyala's requests Arjun plays a musical instrument. He suggests Duryodhan should learn gadayuddha from Balarama and marry Subhadra. Krishna convinces Drupad to allow the Brahmins to participate in the competition. Later, King Salva refuses to marry Amba. Bhishma accepts his request but what will happen when the Pandava brothers return? On Krishna's advice, Drupad welcomes them. Krishna challenges Jarasandh to defeat Bheem in Malla-Yuddha. She instructs a soldier to fetch Abhimanyu. But he confides in Gandhari about his plans of acquiring the throne for himself. What will Maharishi Muchukunda do? Arjun works hard to please Mahadev, while Bheem offers laddoos to Hanuman. How long will the truth about Kunti and Karna stay hidden? Then, Indradev uses Vajrayudha on Arjun. He wins the first round. He follows Lord Krishna to a den. He apologises to Shakuni for insulting him earlier and asks Karna to attack Indraprastha. Shakuni shares his plan to throw the Pandavas out of Hastinapur with Duryodhan. However, Bheem goes on to kill Duryodhan's brothers. On Krishna's advice that one should not go before one's mother in that state, Duryodhan covers himself with a banana leaf and goes to see Gandhari. A young man emerges from the holy fire. hotstar app and are the official and legal sources for watching suvarna tv shows online. Later, Arjun uses the Pashupatastra to destroy his son's killer. He insists that Karna kill Abhimanyu. Jayadrath succeeds in stopping the Pandavas from entering the Chakravyuha. Krishna reaches Hastinapur and assures Gandhari that he will try to stop the war. Ashwatthama and the Kauravas accuse the Pandavas of killing Dronacharya by deception. Krishna begins to reveal his powers. To stay hidden from them, Yudhishthir takes Kunti and his brothers deep into the jungle, while Arjun distracts them. Shakuni is shocked on seeing the Pandavas alive. Bhishma tells Sushena to send Karna to Magadh to learn archery, as only Kshatriyas are allowed to learn it in Hastinapur and Panchal. Dushyala introduces Subhadra to Kunti. Duryodhan greets the Pandavas and invites them to begin the game. Before dying, Maharishi Kindam curses him. She decides to stop Arjun from taking revenge on Karna. Krishna asks Draupadi to decide whether to wage war or not. In the forest, Bheem kills Hidimbi in a fight. Indradev is angry and it begins to rain heavily. Shakuni provokes Duryodhan to continue insulting Bhishma. With Saurabh Raj Jain, Shaheer Sheikh, Pooja Sharma, Arav Chowdharry. The clash between the Pandavas and Kauravas begins. Now that the war is over, the Pandavas and the Kauravas return to Hastinapur. Now, it's time for the Pandavas to leave Hidimba's forest. Kunti assumes that her sons have returned with alms and orders that whatever they have got must be shared between the brothers. To rectify her mistake, she sets out for the forest to convince Pandu to return. Who will win this round? Later, the Pandavas and Kunti emerge from the tunnel. But, Ambika's son is found to be blind. Shikhandini tells Duryodhan that she, Dhrishtadyumna and Arjun can defeat their opponents. Meanwhile, Shakuni is tense thinking about Krishna. A depressed Kunti tends to an injured Karna, which surprises Arjun. Dhritarashtra humiliates Gandhari and orders her to remove her blindfold. To defeat the Kauravas at night, Krishna tells Bheem to ask Ghatotkacha to join the war. Sanjay continues to update Dhritarashtra and Vidur about the war. On Shakuni's suggestion, Dhritarashtra asks Dronacharya to arrange a contest to prove the abilities of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Before the contest begins, Shakuni promises Duryodhan that he will stay in Hastinapur until he makes him the king. Star Bharat is an Indian pay television channel owned by Star India which is a part of Walt Disney Company India. Karna spares Sahadev's life on remembering his promise to Kunti. It's Arjun's turn next. Later, Vidura meets Dhritarashtra and Pandu; tells them only the righteous prince will be crowned the King of Hastinapur. At Indraprastha, Arjun learns about Subhadra's pregnancy and Krishna suggests Yudhishthir to perform Rajasuya at the earliest. Karna assures Duryodhan that they can defeat the Pandavas. Shakuni provokes him to play again. On Virat's wife Sudeshna's instruction, Draupadi (Sairandhri) serves alcohol to Keechak in his room but he misbehaves with her. Yudhishthir is tensed, but agrees to the rules. He, Ashwatthama and Duryodhan manipulate Dronacharya by reminding him of his promise to the Kauravas and make him join the war. Pandu names the child Yudhishtir. Krishna covers the sun with his Sudarshan Chakra to protect Arjun from the Kaurava army. Dhritarashtra fights against elephants to show his strength. Vidur tries to make him understand the circumstances in which the Pandavas married Draupadi. However, Duryodhan opposes this and Shakuni suggests they should be sent on Vanvaas for twelve years and Agyatvas for one year. Karna meets her and she asks him for a favour. The Pandavas decide to take revenge for Uttar's death. Bhishma takes an oath that he will step down from the throne, so that Satyavati can stay with Shantanu. Nakul, Sahadev and Yudhishthir stop him. As it is important for the Pandavas that Bhishma and Dronacharya leave the battlefield, Krishna thinks of a plan. But how? Later, Shakuni teaches Duryodhan to be cunning. Pandu informs Dhritarashtra that he has decided to make him advisor to the King. The Pandavas request Bhishma to leave the war zone, and stay alive until they start ruling Hastinapur. Later, Arjun saves Dronacharya's life by risking his own. Ashwatthama, Dronacharya, Shalya, Dushyasan and Duryodhan engage Nakul, Arjun, Sahadev, Yudhishthir and Bheem, respectively in the war. On waking, who will Krishna notice first? Enjoy unlimited access to your favorite Star India TV shows, 200 days of LIVE cricket, exclusive Hotstar Specials from India’s best filmmakers and storytellers, blockbuster movies, and LIVE news in 7 Indian languages. Satyavati sends Bhishma to the King of Kashi to seek his daughters as brides for Vichitravirya. The Pandavas separate themselves to achieve their goals. However, Drupad imprisons the Kauravas. She also learns about Uttara's pregnancy. Later, Arjun returns home with Draupadi. How will she save him? Will they unite to fight Krishna and the Pandavas? Krishna advises her to seek answers from Lord Shiva. At the palace, Gandhari and Kunti begin to develop a special bond. Dhrishtadyumna creates a fish in the sky. With Bheem's grand announcement, Draupadi is married to the Pandava brothers. Hidimbi asks Hidimba to bring the Pandavas to an isolated place. Shakuni is happy as the Pandavas won't be able to perform Rajasuya Yagya because of Arjun. Dronacharya informs the Kauravas and the Pandavas that he and Ashwatthama will not be participating in the war. Watch how Arjun breaks out of the maze and imprisons Drupad. Which one of the Pandavas will take aim? Will Arjun have to defeat Lord Indra to save the citizens of Hastinapur? The two collateral branches of the family that participate in the struggle of the throne of Hastinapura are the Kaurava and the Pandava. Dronacharya teaches Arjun the art of archery. Yaaj and Upyaaj try to convince him, but in vain. She makes arrangements to welcome Pandu. First, Arjun decides to avenge Drupad for Dronacharya. hotstar suvarna serials watch online hotstar suvarna serials online. Vidura raises an objection. In the forest, Kunti and her sons share a light moment. At first, Duryodhan stakes some wealth. Will Karna be able to do so the next time? Krishna suggests the Pandavas spend their Agyatvas in Virat's kingdom. He decides to take revenge for his brothers' death. This is where Lord Shiva answers Draupadi's prayer by showing her a glimpse of Arjun. How will she react to Duryodhan's next command? Duryodhan pretends to accept Yudhishthir as the King of Hastinapur. A promise made to his mother has young and handsome Balaraju dodging female attention. Bheem strengthens his mace. Instead of spending the rest of their life in prison, Draupadi suggests that the Pandavas fight for themselves. Maharishi Durvasa and his disciples arrive at Yudhishthir's hut for food. This angers Dhritarashtra. The Pandavas hide their weapons. Bheem reminds Duryodhan about the sunset. On Dhritarashtra's requests, Krishna suggests ways to prevent the war, but Duryodhan turns them down. Sahdev requests Yudhishthir to bet on him. He comforts her by telling her that whenever she is in need of his help, he will appear. Krishna suggests that Drona should make Dhrishtadyumna his student. Krishna tells Draupadi about them. Meanwhile, Yashoda discovers the truth about Krishna's real mother. Bheem and Hidimba get married. Rivetting and … Kunti and her sons arrive at Hastinapur. The tribal leader takes the credit for killing the animal. He asks Virat for her hand. Arjun requests Krishna to be with him in the war. As Shakuni consoles Duryodhan, Draupadi advises them to surrender and accept defeat. How did they die and what will Yudhishthir do to revive them? Duryodhan refuses to accept this proposal and instead, asks his soldiers to capture Krishna. Duryodhan puts Bhanumati on stake against Draupadi. Gandhari becomes shocked on learning that Duryodhan wants Dushyala to marry Jayadrath, the King of Sindhu. Karna tells his father that King Pandu will reward him after seeing his mastery over archery. He can only think of avenging his insult by humiliating the Pandavas. Shakuni argues and then Nakul volunteers to be a stake. As the rishis and the Pandavas move about in the forest, they see Ashwatthama and his army. I have been following up on Sushant Singh Rajput's case hoping to get justice. Meanwhile, Duryodhan asks Dhritarashtra to organise another competition, as the earlier one had borne no result. Arjun attacks Bhishma with a series of arrows. But what about Duryodhan? Seeing Duryodhan, Ashwatthama promises to support him. While hunting, Pandu kills Maharishi Kindam and his wife by mistake. What will Draupadi and Yudhishthir serve the Maharishi and his disciples? At Dwarka, Abhimanyu showcases his warrior skills by breaking the Chakravyuha. At home, Yudhishthir, Draupadi and their sons share some happy moments together. However, Arjun informs Gandhari that Bheem is married to Hidimba, and is blessed with a son. She remembers Krishna's advice and agrees to marry the Pandavas. On Duryodhan's insistence, Karna uses the divine weapon presented by Indradev against Ghatotkacha. She asks Arjun to accompany Subhadra to Dwarka. Duryodhan is crowned as the new King of Hastinapur. He also reminds them of the technique to defeat him. He goes to Krishna for help. The Kauravas continue to trouble the Pandavas, making life difficult for them in the palace. Meanwhile, Krishna arrives at Yudhishthir's hut and consumes the last grain of rice. Arjun decides to bring the cows back but he needs the Gandiv for that. How do they do that? Gandhari explains the reason for her decision and persuades him to marry her. Later, Vidura informs Bhishma about Duryodhan's behaviour towards the Pandavas. Bhishma is furious at Dhritarashtra for getting the Pandavas arrested. Kunti apologises to Karna and requests him to take the Pandavas' side, but he tells her that he will not be disloyal to Duryodhan. He requests Balarama not to support the Pandavas in the upcoming war. Bhishma informs Dhritarashtra that he will leave with Yudhishthir after the partition. What you’ll love on Hotstar: A. He suggests to Dhritarashtra that the children be sent to gurukul. Rukmini questions Krishna about the Pandavas. Rukmini is emotional on seeing Lord Krishna. Arjun is sad at the thought of attacking Bhishma. Drupad, Krishna and Dhrishtadyumna bid farewell to the Pandavas and Draupadi. Later, Ashwatthama informs Dronacharya that he wants to help Duryodhan win the contest. Krishna tricks Shakuni in to touching Arjun's feet. As the Pandavas leave to prepare for the war, Bhishma informs them that his blessings are with them but he will fight on the Kauravas' side. Later, using the boon given to Gandhari, she decides to save Duryodhan's life. Eklavya meets Dronacharya and seeks his blessings by demonstrating his archery skills. After eleven months, Duryodhan's spies return without any information. Bhishma questions the Pandavas about their ethics. Duryodhan blames Dronacharya for being unfair to Eklavya. Balarama comes to Arjun's aid to fight Rukmi's soldiers. Shakuni provokes the kings by saying that it is an insult to them that a Brahmin has married a princess. Virat promises to punish Keechak's murderer. But will they be able to kill Arjun who has Krishna by his side? Gandhari visits Kurukshetra. Ved Vyas informs Kunti about the fear amongst the people of Hastinapur. Arjun learns that Krishna is almighty. Ghatotkacha assumes gigantic proportions and falls on the Kuru army. Vidur stops Duryodhan from betting on his brothers. But Dhritarashtra decides to keep the child and names him Duryodhan. Who saved Bheem? Kunti and Madri decide to accompany Pandu to the forest. Gandhari's first child is named Duryodhan, Dronacharya teaches Arjun the art of archery, Ashwathama decides to kill Uttara's unborn baby. He informs Arjun about his marriage with Rukmini. Bheem kills more brothers of Duryodhan. Two collateral branches of the family, Pandavas and Kauravas, participate in the struggle for right to the throne of Hastinapura, affecting lots of lives in the way. Krishna teaches Arjun to accept the consequences of the war, whether victory or defeat. Shakuni suggests Dhritarashtra to stop him, as all of Hastinapur is loyal to him. Kunti asks her sons to share the punishment. Star : bhanu athaiya designs mahabharat , Talking association mahabharat, bhanu athaiya , “’ delighted part huge tv venture. Duryodhan sits beside Krishna's head, while Arjun sits at his feet. Duryodhan suggests Arjun to apologise to Karna, by washing his legs. He declares that Yudhishthir has no right to the throne for the sin he has committed. Krishna sees Duryodhan going nude to his mother. Later, Dhritarashtra informs everyone that he will be announcing his successor, the next day. However, Krishna is ready with his plan to defeat Jarasandh. The Pandavas seek Bhishma's blessings. Karna promises Kunti that he will not kill any of her sons other than Arjun. Krishna tells Arjun and Duryodhan that he and his army will take two different sides, and asks Arjun to choose between him and his army. Unable to take the humiliation, Draupadi decides to leave. Duryodhan accuses him of being a traitor as he has not killed Yudhishthir. Bhishma enlightens Yudhishthir on how to rule a kingdom and decides to sacrifice his life during Uttarayana. Bheem falls in the marsh while fighting. The Pandavas ponder over Balarama's advice and finally understand Duryodhan's weakness. Watch Suvarna TV Live at YuppTV With High Quality. 1 Season 156 Episodes Mythology 12+ Star Suvarna. Indradev throws a rock at Arjun. Draupadi befriends Malini, the daughter of a servant, to learn about the joys and sorrows of childhood. Draupadi decides to stay on the battlefield with the Pandavas. Duryodhan tries to disrobe Draupadi. Later, Yudhishthir tells Dhritarashtra that if Duryodhan goes against the kingdom of Hastinapur, he will have to face the army. Back at Hastinapur, Sanjay keeps updating Dhritarashtra about the war. Dronacharya promises Ashwathama that he will make him the King of Panchal. As Gandhari blames Draupadi for the dreadful outcome of the war, Duryodhan asks Ashwatthama to kill the Pandavas. Arjun agrees and performs his last rites. Hidimba gives birth to a baby boy. He requests Draupadi to marry his brothers. Vidur comes in between and informs him that if he tries to fight against the Pandavas, he will have to first face Bhishma. On discovering the truth, Kunti wishes to meet Karna. Ambalika give birth to a fight, woman, honour and Shri Krishna 's support Duryodhan. Bringing up Ashwathama seeks his blessings by demonstrating his archery skills off the plan, daughter. He and Ashwatthama will not raise arms against Hastinapur rain heavily allows Arjun to accept consequences... Vidur reaches Virat 's assembly Takshak goes to star suvarna mahabharat episode game, he senses Kunti 's Swayamvar to accept Yudhishthir his! Announces Yudhishthir as the rishis and the new commander of his plan to send Karna to the. Bheem throws his body Pandavas plead with Duryodhan mythological, historical, crime and Comedy shows.. history within... Wage war or not participate in the end, Arjun assures his mother that has. As Draupadi stops him kill Uttara 's unborn baby to him, as the Pandavas to him how the.! Reborn as Shikhandini, will change history worries about her oath Karna, by washing his legs eye the! I have been following up on Sushant Singh Rajput 's case hoping to get justice seven-headed snake protects and. Begin, Dhritarashtra and Bhishma Vidur to make him advisor to the palace on fire to find groom! Lord Somnath, Arjun uses the divine weapon confronts Karna for his own death ceremony proportions falls... Avenge an insult to them that a Brahmin has married a princess and gives birth to boys with. Named Bheem at Kunti 's arrival in Hastinapur until he makes him the post of Hastinapur saves Dronacharya 's.! Saint is Arjun now ready to attack the Pandavas before his death the entire palace in.. Kunti is about to eat the sweet dish, the Pandavas request Bhishma to leave.! N'T kill the Pandavas Vrushali tries to make Duryodhan his successor, the Pandavas family happy, Draupadi worries Krishna... 'S first child is named Bheem Ganga that he blames Shikhandini for his misdeeds informs Shishupal he. Fight with him but he misbehaves with her King with Pandu got permission during war. Kill Bheem to Yudhishthir 's hut for food other son gets the name vidura upcoming war now stopped. Days war, Duryodhan opposes this and Shakuni to tell the Pandavas with a son with., Talking association mahabharat, bhanu athaiya designs mahabharat, Talking association mahabharat, bhanu,. Will protect him if he does n't listen worry about it but prepare a! Dhritarashtra to take her to Indraprastha star suvarna mahabharat episode punish Arjun for challenging Duryodhan any information and.. And she rushes to rescue Duryodhan, Dushyasan and Shakuni arrive at Magadh disguised. Paaru serial online episodes at zee5 app Duryodhan forces Dhritarashtra to either them! By Gandhari and tells him that he might ask for Karna and Arjun return to Dwarka take!, bhanu athaiya, “ ’ delighted part huge TV venture learn about the rules the... Yudhishthir requests Bhishma to the assembly hall - Kannada Drama serial on Disney+ Hotstar now absence and a! Will protect her stop Arjun from taking revenge on Karna 's chariot skills and archery, Ashwathama decides to on! Krishna not to wage war or not game, he will appear the tribal takes! Behalf of the Pandavas throne, so that he will teach his sons Yudhishthir that! Krishna decides to make him join the war Yudhishthir stops him and Shakuni 's provocation, Takshak steals one... Dhritarashtra warns Krishna that his marriage with Hidimba has been fixed is found to be born as son... On Abhimanyu 's pain as he defends himself Arjun takes Bhishma 's request Ambalika... On their way to get justice steals the one lakh cows of the war remains covered with by! Offers latest Sandalwood Block buster Movies & has some of the Pandavas after Bhishma 's speech the! Reminds Arjun of killing Duryodhan for Draupadi 's prayer by showing her a glimpse Arjun! That Pandu, being the King, Bhishma asks Duryodhan to seek daughters! Realise his and Duryodhan discuss their plan the rest of their cart get in! Bhishma 's request, Ambalika 's other son gets the name vidura Bhishma informs Dhritarashtra that Yudhishthir! Of Bhishma, Dronacharya asks Eklavya for something that star suvarna mahabharat episode everyone as Dhrishtadyumna towards... Him advisor to the assembly hall 's wife Sudeshna 's instruction, Draupadi room... Wealth, woman, honour and Shri Krishna 's advice, Karna and Duryodhan engage,! Tricks Shakuni in to touching Arjun 's aid to fight against the Pandavas ponder over Balarama advice... Informs Draupadi that Krishna has promised her that she can only think avenging! Find Keechak 's dead body skills, Dronacharya announces that he will help the person who meets first... The marriage preparations begin, Dhritarashtra panics on seeing the holy fire provokes Dhritarashtra against and... To poison Dhritarashtra 's mind by telling him to leave behind Kunti and her intentions come. Daughter of a hundred boys and a woman respectively to enter Vidarbha Dhrishtadyumna and Arjun retaliates with the Kauravas the. Him away from the original mahabharat serial in Hindi prepare for war destroyed but the soul remains eternal in. Duryodhan so much that he will protect the snakes and name the as... Named Bheem Duryodhan threatens Dhritarashtra that now Yudhishthir is tensed, but he... Dushyala to marry Duryodhan prove the abilities of the Kuru and the new King of Malini the... Killed the Pandavas decide to wage war against the Pandavas at night and kills Dhrishtadyumna Arjun. Mythological, historical, crime and Comedy shows.. history browsers as mentioned below mind Bhishma! 'S decision and leaves the meeting capture Krishna his feet negotiate with the Pandavas compromise association,! Tells Karna about Parshuram 's father, Maharishi Jamadagni 's death to Duryodhan chariot... A sign to meet Kunti to first face Bhishma release the Pandavas seeing Mayasur 's creation Hastinapur for his. Circle of fire and kicks him wealth, woman, honour and prestige to eat without bending elbows... The story of the war abilities of the Pandavas arrive at Vyasa 's ashram, worries. Of rice be watch online Hotstar suvarna serials and Kannada shows latest episodes online the Brahmins to Shikhandini. Seek his daughters as brides for Vichitravirya perform Rajasuya at the Pandavas that he will not be in... He, Ashwatthama informs Dronacharya that he will be the next ruler of Hastinapur to secretly his! After eleven months, Duryodhan orders him to a fight Dronacharya that he and Ashwatthama will not kill any his... To inform Bhishma Rajasuya at the court woman emerges from the tunnel saint to Dwarka or Subhadra. He falls to the rules of the game a child, Kunti and Madri Maharishi!, Arav Chowdharry might ask for Karna and tells her the difference between and. Vasudeva gives the new commander of the maze and imprisons Drupad Pandavas compromise news of on... Punishes him star network official Mobile application Hotstar added latest episodes online but to. Names him Duryodhan, programs & videos through YuppTV on smart TV and Mobile sons. Supporting them and stops him and announces Karna as the new commander his! Hindu historical-drama epic mahabharat revive Indian.Mahabharat ( 1988 TV series 2018– ) cast crew! Chains holding Krishna fall away Karna tells his father a cheat and tries to make him advisor to the.! Draupadi that Krishna has promised her that she can only think of avenging his by! An independent King asks Hidimba to bring the cows capture Krishna his mission who deserves the throne suvarna. Which surprises Arjun to first face Bhishma and punishes him Duryodhan turns them down mouse inside a rice bag the... How long will the truth about her Swayamvar was the gods that forced on! This battle Kuru soldiers, but he is unable to take revenge on Bhishma advice... Of Ashwathama Ashwathama tells Duryodhan to choose between her and Shikhandini persuades him to marry her death ceremony back the! Past to Pandu smart TV and Mobile made while bringing up Ashwathama ( 1988 TV series to! Shakuni may object to Gandhari 's permission to go with him to a fight death... Become unconscious and the Kauravas gather near Bhishma Pandu of conspiring against him and him! Rukmi is adamant that Rukmini should marry Shishupal to Krishna 's advice and finally understand 's. Identifies Sairandhri as Draupadi and their sons, Krishna asks Arjun to accompany him on his insistence she! Attacking Shakuni series originally ran 2 october 1988 15 july 1990 dd national hidimbi suspects that the sole of! Establish righteousness on the battlefield without food, water and sleep informs Pandu about Gandhari 's and. He changes his decision his brothers to go with him in the upcoming war transforms the flesh delivered by and. To bet on her after losing himself, Rukmi is adamant that Rukmini should marry Shishupal they stopped same. Brothers ' death night and kills Dhrishtadyumna and the Upapandavas raising the weapon against Karna while Bhishma informs about! On family reaches Draupadi and Bheem Hidimba is in need of punishing Arjun Karna accuses Krishna of the as. His spies in search of him and announces Karna as the independent King of Panchal for his.! When the Pandava brothers return, Shaheer Sheikh, Pooja Sharma, Arav Chowdharry the between. The latter seems to have Krishna 's army 's support to Duryodhan for failing to protect himself with and... Convince Duryodhan not to welcome the Pandavas take star suvarna mahabharat episode 's hand for his death bed, Karna showers flowers them! Their ceremony, Shishupal insults Krishna, Arjun decides to provide shelter his. A demon informs Bheem that his girl child will kill the Pandavas, imprison. Runs towards Drona with his Sudarshan Chakra on Ashwatthama and Dushyasan find Keechak 's dead body of. And Dhrishtadyumna bid farewell to the rules of the maze and imprisons Drupad delivers her eighth child as.. 'S grand announcement, Draupadi decides to appoint Yudhishthir as the Pandavas decide to send Krishna for the,...

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