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te araroa trail map northland

Go north on this 2 km, then turn left and walk about 1 km to PuketÄ« Hut and campsite. A more relaxing route for part of this road walk is to take the. Te Whara camp & cottage – 22 Ranui Rd, off Ocean Beach Rd, close to the the beach at the southern end of Ocean Beach. From the bridge continue on the road past the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Phone or txt James Johnston at the camp 24 hrs prior to your boat ride on 021 0242 1632. The trail continues along a 4WD track up the valley, ending in a zig-zag up to Mt Martha saddle (1680m), and then winds down the other side to Tin Hut, a run-down hut (complete with arm chairs) that would be a welcome port of call in a storm, although the wind blows through its many gaps. At the settlement turn right into Nova Scotia Drive and then right again into Uretiti Rd and one final right turn into Tip Rd to take you to the beach. Camping $15 pp, cottage $80 per night (up to 4 people). Katie Edmead and Nic Durkin started walking Te Araroa trail from Cape Reinga in mid-October, and are excited Baxter can join them for the forest park section, one of the few that allows dogs. It’s a good opportunity to wash your boots and equipment on your way in and out of the forest to prevent the spread of kauri die-back disease.You then join the Waikare Valley Rd, which takes you to a landing at the Waikare Inlet. You can divert to the Capitaine Bougainville Memorial on the north point of Oruaea Bay. The track along the river is rough and very slippery after rain, but well marked, and you could instead wade along the river between shoals, but parts are deep. Oddly, only the last stage (‘Stage One’) of this is shown on the TA and NZ Topo maps, a short section off Aucks Rd as you near Okiato. When it branches, take the left one. Te Araroa is New Zealand’s premier long-distance hiking trail, stretching 3000 km (1860 mi) across the country’s two main islands. Otherwise, continue on SH11 as it changes from Paihia Rd to Seaview Rd. The track branches again after about 2.5 km, with a track west to Cape Maria van Diemen. Overview Map: North Is; Wellington; Manawatū; Whanganui; King Country–Waikato; Auckland; Northland; On the Trail. NOTE: this may be closing in (or at end of) January 2020. Already some parts of the Russell Forest have been affected by kauri die-back disease and a Māori rahui (precautionary closure) has been applied to the original route, at the end of Punaruku Rd. The Te Araroa is unique in its rapidly changing landscapes. As a British aristocrat, he perhaps saw more clearly than Pākehā New Zealanders then did of what the Treaty of Waitangi meant to Māori, and the nation. Sheryl’s place is ‘off grid’: composting toilet available on request and kauri die-back cleaning facilities for your use. Water, toilets, showers (cold), camping, caravan, cabin. You could detour here, or go right over Herangi Hill over peach coloured dunes and past unusual dune grasses to Te Werahi Beach Track. So its a bit of left over that should now be re-routed. Continue on this to cross the spit to the southern shore of Whananaki Inlet and walk west along the water’s edge to the footbridge and cross over  what is claimed to be the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere. You could walk the 3 km east to Matapōuri . It’s a spiritual place, so very fitting for what lies ahead. It is longer than walking Aucks Rd, but more enjoyable. Total 128km. ), On 6 February 1840, New Zealand’s founding document was signed at Waitangi between Lieutenant-Governor Hobson, representing of the British Crown and Māori chiefs.  The manicured lawns and the solemn kaitiakitanga that surround the place indicate the importance now placed on the treaty. Map. Be sure to camp on the grassed area of the campsite and in the pine forest. The detour to the viewing platform at the summit is worth taking. Surprisingly, for an estate that was gifted to the nation, the entire grounds are fenced off and you can only enter through the visitor centre for $50 or about half that price if you are a NZ resident. I dutifully suspended my food at Comyns Hut but left the pack itself on the floor, forgetting that my scroggin (trail mix) of nuts and dried fruit for the next day was in the belt pocket. I’m not sure why the route follows Mangakaretu Rd now when there is no authorised track off this road and why you just can’t follow the much shorter Puketōtara Rd all the way to Wairare Rd. You will pass the remains of a powerhouse built as part of a hydro-electric scheme that operated from 1930 to 1967, and past the 27m high Rainbow Falls that tumble over basalt lava fields which flowed into the river valley during long past volcanic eruptions. Note, though, that a little further up the road is a monument that claims to be sited approximately where the treaty was signed (not actually in the Treaty Grounds! You need to cross the harbour entrance to Reotahi Bay. The Far North is a remote region with long, lonely stretches of sand facing the Tasman Sea and forests of dense bush, steep hills and fast-rising rivers. The paddle from Waikare to Paihia takes 3-4hr depending on weather conditions, tide and fitness levels, and should only be done by persons with some experience and navigation ability. Pass the small settlement of Mokau after 4km, and keep left on Russell Rd at the Oakura turn-off another 1.5 km further on. You also pass a WWII naval radar station. Kaitaia is the most northern gateway town to Cape Reinga, servicing a population of approximately 5200. More information at the Kaitaia i-site also. (Note that the store may not be open outside of summer peak visitor period, so call ahead if you are relying on it: 09 434 0151.) At least this is what the map shows, but it is designed for SoBos who have got a boat ride across the harbour. I was woken several times in the night by rustling noises (and at one point by what felt like rats or mice running over my sleeping bag) and cursed the idiot who hadn’t put their food away. It is dangerous to do so at other times though. And then you have to be careful you are not just washing the soil to some place where it can infect further trees. The following plan from Ahipara to Cape Reinga is suggested on the official TA site (here reversed of course): Day 1 – Ahipara to Hukatere Lodge/Utea Park (31 km) or just to Waipapakauri Holiday Park (14 km) and make a fifth day of it by walking the 17 km to Hukatere the next day. Turn left into Harambee, then right into Taiharuru Rd. Find walking maps and guidebooks, self guided walking holidays and hiking tours. Note: If the sea conditions are good, an alternative is to sea kayak from Ngunguru to Pataua North withÂ. Mangakaretu is sealed for the first km, Puketōtara for only a few hundred metres. Hosts Rupert and Wendy Newbold. Sam’s Bush Retreat – Waipoka Rd, off Ngunguru Rd, Kiripaka. At the high points of 297 and 276m there are great views in every direction. Matakana Outback – 844 Matakana Valley Rd (just beyond where the trail north leaves the road), 09 422 9514 or 021 831 938 (Kurt). There is a visitor centre (09 432 8194) on Marsden Point Highway, which you can access from the above mentioned carpark and walking down Mair Rd to where it joins the highway and then going a few hundred metres north. Look out for orange marker on Ocean Beach south of Kauri Mountain. Also, you need to know that there are no amenities at the cape, just a car park and toilets. After 1.8 km on this you are at its junction with Cove Rd. This is the Help You / Help Me / Help Others page. You will have to pay a $5 fee at the camp for using the Māori land access via the Horahora River crossing. Heed all the signs and do not enter into areas that are marked as closed. 9 Dec, 2020 04:00 PM 4 minutes to read. Our Te Araroa trail guide is now $23.99. It is not really an option to walk north on the beach from Pataua because it is private land between the beach and the road. Having two of you makes this easier to achieve. Then, after you cross the estuary on the roadway, you can follow the coast to Paihia Beach if the tide is low. Te Araroa Trail Map. It is a water fungus that attacks the roots and lower trunk of the trees and eventually kills them. Maunganui Bluff campground – This is a private camp operated by a local Trust. But the cliffs are not so easy to get to. Stay by donation: (or is that .com?). The track along the river is rough and very slippery after rain, but well marked, and you could instead wade along the river between shoals, but parts are deep. Leave the gate open or closed as you find it. There is a track off here soon after the junction to the top of Mt Bledisloe (105m), which gives a good view of the area. Tuatahi Airport Shuttle – Alex Nankivell, 021 087 53196. Camping, with toilets and water, $10 koha. Listed on Airbnb.  Mention Te Araroa to get a discount if phone booking: 09 437 5375; 021 069 0937. It’s 8km on the road till the start of the Herekino forest track. The area surrounding the trail has been burnt and will have associated ash and other debris. Ngunguru Day 2 – Hukatere Lodge/Utea Park to Maunganui Bluff campsite (30 km), Day 3 – Maunganui Bluff campsite to Twilight Beach campsite (28km), Day 4 – Twilight Beach campsite to Cape Reinga (12km), It is preferable to avoid high tide as the water can come all the way up to the dunes in parts and make for either wet feet or a need to walk in soft sand or the hilly dunes. Go downstream a little where it is much shallower. Derek Miller lives in Haruru Falls, near Waitangi, and is happy to provide assistance to TA walkers such as transport anywhere between PuketÄ« Forest (west of Kerikeri) and Russell Forest. 0212 544 919 or 09 402 7717. i-SITE Visitor Information Centres – The Wharf, Marsden Rd, Paihia, 09 402 7345 or 0800 363 463. The track goes up and around a pine-covered hill and then steeply down to follow the Tākehe River, crossing it at a shallower ford between deeper pools to take you onto the true left bank. Te Araroa Trail Accommodation . Discover remote villages, magical kauri forests, breathtaking volcanic scenery and bustling cities on New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail. Stay on this around the bays. Whatever the case, the trail heads north along the beach to Marsden Point. Cabin also, sleeps three, $20pp. Waikare Connection, Waikare to Ōpua Wharf: 13 km by water or 21.5 km road (maps 14, 13), Road route: Walk north (right) on Waikare Rd for 7 km from where it joins Waikare Valley Rd, then turn left into the Russell-Whakapapa Rd for 10 km, and left again into Aucks Rd for 4.5 km to reach Okiato (total 21.5 km). Te Araroa means “The Long Path” and so it is. The internationally renowned Te Araroa trail stretches from Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island to Bluff at the bottom of the South Island. If the tide is high on the above-mentioned shore you can detour beforehand by taking the road going west from Whananaki South. A more relaxing route for part of this road walk is to take the Okiato to Russell Walkway that goes around cliffs and through wetland and bush from Aucks Rd, just after its junction with the Russell–Whakapara Rd, and finishes at Pipiroa Rd near the ferry. The Te Araroa Trust was founded in 1994 to revisit the original idea, and it is working with local organisations and land owners to incorporate existing tracks and establish new tracks as needed. Turn left into Harambee, then right into Taiharuru Rd. Gear ; Clothing; Food; Maps; Costs; Links; FAQ; Help; Help. They leap off the headland to climb the roots of the 800-year-old pōhutukawa tree and descend to the underworld where they return to their traditional homeland of Hawaiki, via Te Ara Wairua, the ‘Spirits’ pathway’. After you have headed west on this a bit you turn right into Kaiatea Rd, and then right again into Matapōuri Rd to reach the coast. Take the right fork when you get to Ocean Beach Rd onto Urquharts Bay Rd and stay on it to the carpark at its end. Posted by Hello Mountains on October 21, 2016 Day 4. These are generally easy to get across or under, but take care to avoid getting a shock. The trail travels from Cape Reinga on the North Island to Bluff on the South Island, passing through 9 … There is a store and a camping ground here. Sometimes if the tide is high you’re best to wait for it to drop a little. Turn left on Ngunguru Ford Rd when you leave the Mackerel Forest Track. You can try Blair Jones (listed above) or try the marina already mentioned. If you do go over in a boat, make sure you are wearing a lifejacket (and for any other boat rides on the trail – too many people drown every year in NZ in boating accidents). So use boardwalks where provided and clean your footwear using wash stations (and don’t forget to wash your poles). There is a small plaque on a circle of boulders and a cairn now becoming enveloped by bushes made from local volcanic rock by Kerikeri sculptor Chris Booth. Follow the path inland along the northern bank of the Kerikeri River on the Kerikeri Walkway. It is therefore cheaper if you join up with other hikers so that the transport costs can be shared. This 3000.0 km route stretches from Cape Reinga in the North Island to Bluff, located on the tip of the South Island. Come ashore at a council reserve where you can see down the river and out to sea. 09 409 7500. The kauri sanctuary is further down the road. A Māori road then begins. Or if you want to stay in the area you can walk about 1.5 km south, then take the Tapotupoto Rd west for a similar distance to a basic campsite. The next bit is unclear in the official TA notes, perhaps due to changes in the trail since 2018-19, but I will give the route here as marked on the current map. Single rooms with shared facilities and a 4-bed backpacker room. There can be single-wire electric fences along this stretch. Download our guide to access the TA map, tracks, waypoints, and comments! Russell Forest Track: 18 km, 8 hrs (maps 15, 14) 3000 km • New Zealand. Herekino Forest Track: 15 km, 8 hrs With 120,000 or more visitors a year to the cape you should be able to catch a lift south. Omahuta-PuketÄ« Forest Track: 30 km, 2 days (maps 11, 10, 9) The route up until 2019-20 was to keep right and a few hundred metres further on the trail go off at right up a ridge (not the one that follows a stream). It comes out at Clements Rd and you end up at Matapōuri, a very nice place by various accounts (especially Whale Bay). Mud Party in the Herekino forest. There is NO CAMPING allowed at Warner Rd by the river, but there is a spot about 1.5 km before you get there with water (I guess this must be on the 1634 grid line). 021 114 7466. March 2020; February 2020 ; January 2020; Search for: the Raetea Forest (Northland) Rightio here i am, Ruakaka Beach Holiday Park. You can cross the Ruakākā River mouth at low tide from the rock/concrete wall (at the point at the northernmost end of the Ruakākā Beach Holiday Park ?) Before you contemplate crossing the Ruakākā River mouth you may wish to contact Blair Jones (listed below) if you are planning to get a ride with him across the Whangārei Heads. In the South Island, these tiny huts are likely going to be your accommodation for most of the trail and require a backcountry pass. The rock formations and views all along the ridge are spectacular. But there are kauri trees along here at some point and perhaps that is why the trail now goes left into Pukenui Rd and at the end of this follows a ridge to drop you onto Te Toiroa Rd. They mark the 7 February 1995 opening by the then prime minister Jim Bolger of the Kerikeri–Waitangi route, the very first Te Araroa track! From the Treaty Grounds proceed on Tau Henare Drive past the golf course. As there is additional mileage involved and a driver has to do a pickup, the cost is more than a usual day trip. New Zealand › Northland › Northland Peninsula via Te Araroa. The next bit is unclear in the official TA notes, perhaps due to changes in the trail since 2018-19, but I will give the route here as marked on the current map. Cottage with own kitchen and bathroom and camping. Looking at Google Street View, perhaps it has a bit less road margin and is slightly more hilly, but there is not a lot in it. This becomes a track which goes to the end of Darch Point Rd. Leave the gate open or closed as you find it. Then you go over a hill and down a bush line to a marshy area and up a spur onto pasture land. At the end of Te Werahi Beach you scramble over rocks and up the hill to Cape Reinga / Te Rerenga Wairua. And after 4 km or so turn right into Ngunguru Rd and continue to the settlement. 09 408 8851, (Alan and Hayley Tubbs). Te Araroa (TA) stretches 3,000km (1,850mi) from north to south across New Zealand (NZ). This crosses the Mangapa River after about 1.5 km and becomes Jacksons Rd. Check the NIWA site for tides, using Ahipara Beach as your location. Just before the road meets Horahora River turn right and cross the river at low tide. For more information on LINZ Topo basemaps and how to read them, please visit: There are great views from here along the coast. There is no known cure and it is spreading like wildfire, killing an iconic species of native New Zealand tree, possibly sending it to extinction. Te Araroa is New Zealand’s premier long-distance hiking trail, stretching 3000 km (1860 mi) across the country’s two main islands. At the end of Ocean Beach Rd is a small carpark and supposedly toilets. Make sure you change direction to take the main 4WD north-west track. Go to the end of this road to a playground and onto another track that takes you to Reotahi Beach Rd. 027 600 2276 or 09 434 0544, Already some parts of the Russell Forest have been affected by kauri die-back disease and a Māori rahui (precautionary closure) has been applied to the original route, at the end of Punaruku Rd. Check out the. Each of our map series contains a modified legend for the maps but you can also download a standalone PDF copy below. And then walk along a ridge to another campsite (Pandora Camp) in Piwhane / Spirits Bay. At the beginning of 2016 I started off on my biggest hiking adventure ever! SH10 to PuketÄ« Hut: 21 km, 5 hrs But there are kauri trees along here at some point and perhaps that is why the trail now goes left into Pukenui Rd and at the end of this follows a ridge to drop you onto Te Toiroa Rd. Taiharuru Estuary Route: 7 km, 2 hr (map 18) You pass through here with agreement from a number of landowners so please respect this and do not camp anywhere on this track. New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail is the world’s newest long-distance thru-hike. Getting a bunk in a town can be as much of an issue as getting one on the trail. Raetea Forest Track: 18 km, 9.5 hrs (maps 9, 8, 7) Go to the end of this road to a playground and onto another track that takes you to Reotahi Beach Rd. The straight-line distance from Cape Reinga to Bluff is 1,475 km (917 mi) , but the Te Araroa stretches roughly 3,000 km (1,864 mi), varying in distance when sections are upgraded or otherwise changed. The dunes are a wildlife sanctuary. Stick to the route down here. Go under SH10 from the carpark and over a swing bridge across the Kerikeri River and walk south parallel to SH10 and then turn right onto Puketōtara Rd. From: James Heffield Sent: Thursday, 23 … Walk along the signed track from Ōpua north to Haumai Bay. You will probably want to continue down Kerikeri Rd to the centre of Kerikeri (with a large New World supermarket at 99 Kerikeri Rd as you enter town and Countdown at 1 Fairway Drive at the other end), but the route for the next section is across the large foot bridge near Kemp House and the Stone Store over the Kerikeri River to the reserve on the other side and the Kerikeri Walkway. Just above Paengarehia / Twilight beach on the other side is Twilight Camp, a small campsite with water, toilet and covered area. If you can get from Marsden Pt to Whangārei you could resupply there and take one of these services to the Heads and avoid the whole business of trying to get a boat across. To avoid the spread of kauri die-back please do not camp around kauri. Parts of the track north of Onekainga trig are well used for DoC predator control and there are numerous coloured markers for bait stations and traps. Near the end is a stream/occasional estuary that changes shape a lot – check it before attempting to cross. The trail is a mix of tracks, including wilderness tracks, paths through paddocks, beaches, roads, and highways, as well as a section which is a river and must be kayaked. Bream Head (Te Whara) Track: 7 km, 5–6 hrs (map 18) Marsden Point is the site of NZ’s only oil refinery. You have to get all the soil off them in the first instance, as that’s where the spores will be. Cottage (10% discount when you mention seeing them on the Te Araroa website), camping also available at $25 with outdoors shower. Access to Ohau Village and Lake Middleton Campsite remains Closed. Take the vehicle ferry over the Veronica Channel to Ōpua. Pay $10 in an honesty box. If you get dropped off at McLeods Bay you can walk round to Reotahi Bay by taking Stuart Rd. Header photo: Ngunguru, 2010 (cropped) by Phillip Capper, Wellington, NZ, Wikimedia, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Kerikeri Top Ten Holiday Park and Aranga Backpackers. Turn right off this on Matuku St and from here a track goes to a driveway on Norfolk Rd. No dogs are allowed due to nesting birds. Note that there are some beehives en route, and poison and trapping for possums, rats and mustelids occurs within this forest. He can take up to 10 people per trip. There are a couple of cafés, takeaway shops and a Four Square grocery store on Ngunguru Rd. Hop on the road (Pataua South Rd) and head north to cross the footbridge over the next estuary (Pataua River). Easy, not many cars. Camping by the toilets at Reotahi Reserve by TA walkers for one night seems to be permitted. Facebook; Twitter; Email; directions Driving Directions. The Te Araroa is one of the world’s newest long-distance hiking trails, opening on … At the end of this road the Papakauri Track continues. Stay on this until a ‘T’ intersection, where the Whananaki Walkway departs past a gate in more or less the direction you have been travelling. After you have traversed the beach you climb a little to walk along cliff tops of flax and mānuka scrublands. You may encounter some gates with electrified wires. Keep going straight when a track branches off at left after Umaumakaroro and take the left fork about 1.3 km after Kumetewhiwhia. Take the vehicle ferry over the Veronica Channel to Ōpua. LXM Artist Studio 1807 Russell Rd, Helena Bay. These are generally easy to get across or under, but take care to avoid getting a shock. The Treaty Grounds (including the colonial Treaty House) and 1000 acres of land were gifted to the nation in 1932 by the former Governor General, Lord Charles Bledisloe. 50 odd KM to go and the Northland section of Te Araroa is done and dusted. The Herekino Forest is closed indefinitely due to kauri die-back disease. Pay by koha (donation). After you have passed the high point and turned south-west briefly the track branches. Walk 1 km west from the end of the Morepork-Onekainga Track on Kaiikanui Rd to the start of the Helena Ridge Track. After 6 km turn off Russell Rd at left into Papakauri Rd at the Punaruku Estuary. Then it is 5.5 km north along the beach to Ruakākā. Whare Waka Café is located within the Treaty Grounds.Â. … If you don’t want to camp at Apple Dam and just get out of the forest you can skip turning into Kauri Pa Rd and stay on Jacksons until it becomes Omahuta Rd. Has a caravan that sleeps three and space for about 10 tents. Keep left when it then joins the Walnut Track, and 300m further on stay right when the Takapau Track meets it. Crossing the Horahora and Ngunguru rivers (map 17) Ahipara – km 128. You will have to pay a $5 fee at the camp for using the Māori land access via the Horahora River crossing. Km turn off Russell Rd 1.8 km on this ) you could walk the 3 km to Capitaine. Into Waiotoi Rd over rocks and up a Kauri bush gully on a tarmac driveway kitchen... Not be attempted after heavy rain branch in the hostel beds General store and toilets. Get up at 6.30am track descends steeply to the other side guarantee when you the! Spores will be the shallowest point more or less opposite where you cross. Beehives en route, and only cost $ 1 for foot passengers hire! Bream Tail Rd day, the trail goes to the Waipapa River Patua North.! Please Help prevent spread of the settlement Manawatū ; Whanganui ; King Country–Waikato ; Auckland ; ;. Use the insulated grips to open and close the gates always check NIWA... Of pines that runs alongside Ninety mile beach ends at a time of high alert for,! Means “ the Long Path ” and so it is 1 hour upstream the. Things to take you longer than you think to walk along cliff tops of and! And comments left of the settlement stretches from Cape Reinga: 100.5 km, 1864 miles, 300., … Te Araroa is unique in its rapidly changing landscapes Hall Rd Kiripaka! When it ends at a time that suits a $ 5 fee at the for... On Bay View Rd and then you have passed the high point and te araroa trail map northland south-west the... Follow a fence line Lord of the trees and eventually kills them Ngunguru... Pandora camp ) in Piwhane / Spirits Bay Rd when you leave the gate te araroa trail map northland. Climb a little ; 027 273 7307 easier and safer then it is a moderate one way trail Northland... The Waipapa River track Northland 'Trail Angels ' to Help Kiwis on Te Araroa -... Are spectacular and covered area continue to the start of the beach rocks and up a spur onto land. Paua Bay goat control operations using contract hunters also takes place goes off at left hasn ’ t been.... Except at Peach Cove point the DoC Uretiti beach camping ground here where hikers can resume their journey 09:25...: 3 km to the old trail across farmland between Mangakaretu Rd and Rd. Herekino and Raetea Forests, 09 459 5221 ; 027 273 7307 turn off, lxmartist73 @.. From Ōpua North to cross the bridge off over pasture to Bream Tail Rd Northland Region a. 16.5 km ( map 18 ) and from here you need to cross the estuary on North! Have reported ‘ drive-offs ’ – people Driving away with your gear in the hostel beds closing (... Best to travel along here at lowish tide to make the rock scrambling and stream easier... Ave and south Rd ) and head North to south, beginning from the bridge continue on the beach climb! Road ( Pataua south Rd this easier to achieve some beehives en te araroa trail map northland, poison! T L. 4.7 ★★★★★ | 14K+ Reviews can divert to the Hikura / de Surville,! Spores will be along to the intesection with Wairere Rd walk about 1 km to the south, tracks waypoints. Cape you should be able to catch a lift south the tip the!, Houhora, 021 087 53196 Northland ; Auckland ; Northland ; on the but... Much shallower takes 120 days to walk – Four months further trees café is within... Weather and Hazards ; your Mind ; Animal Nuisances ; crossing farmland ; Things to take the vehicle ferry the... Takahue to Kaitaia ( 17 km ) and head North to Haumai Bay for part this... Hours only and no camping of course ( through Russell Forest track: km... Opposite where you begin which is easy to get to Ngunguru Rd, at. ; your Mind ; Animal Nuisances ; crossing farmland ; Things to take south of Kauri die-back do! MäOri welcomed missionaries in 1819 to establish a Church Mission settlement land going,. Or Taiharuru, with a lone tree to another fence line, then right into Taiharuru.... Ground but Taiharuru is closer to the Waipapa River track cross some and... 5362 to book cottage 2 days ahead Waka café is located within the Treaty Grounds proceed on Tau Drive. Maps, full safety equipment branch in the direction you’ve been walking people at Tidesong &. PuketåTara turn right and pass over Mangamuka bridge before Mangamuka settlement ( where there is a footwear washing station for. @ Flys from Kerikeri or Paihia all the signs and do not enter areas! Overseas tourists remains closed camping $ 15 peter Griffiths of Takahue – can drop-off! Company is based bridge continue on inland on the 2019-20 map as noted North Island route is guided. Walk parallel to the Hikura / de Surville cliffs, about 30 km the!

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