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my paint color is too dark

EVEN though the blue paint colour appears only in the drapery. this is what makes it so confusing for me at this point bc i think i get what u are saying then i get the color wheel and do not see the undertone in the color, ugh! Going from light colors to darker colors can usually be accomplished with the help of your local Paint Associate. There’s nothing wrong with your ivory walls, however you don’t have any cream in your decorating at the moment. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. You need to repeat the cream in your pillows, and your area rug and when you do that, it’ll look right again. Love love love these posts, so helpful to see a problem and how to fix it. ), beige area rug (IKEA Snaptum), and brown woodwork (original oak trim from the 1900s) are all contributing to the Crystal Blue seeming to wash out over the day. Curious to know which paint color ideas they handpicked for this … By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. For example, if the fixture can take a 100- watt bulb, don’t use a 60-watt bulb in it. I like the clean look in the posts but prefer a muted/dirty color for my own home. Any thoughts on this? Many people rely on bright white trim paint to lighten up a room. You demonstrated once again how it’s all in the undertones! Great examples and great post, Maria! Not my happy color anymore so we’re looking or a redo. It needs to be painted-cedar Keep ’em coming! I would love to write a post with photos of a reader using my colour wheel! Don’t cluster too many pieces of furniture in one part of the room. I love the Q&A posts with pictures. Some things you can do include adding light, changing accessories, and making changes to the furniture you use in the room. But more often than not, there is a much higher possibility that one of the following things is happening. Also, I love the way you found a piece of art that picks up the pink beige as well as the green. I’m starting to really see it! More toward the paint color you were hoping to see on your walls. Please do more of these types of examples. If you have a dark part of the room, try to keep dark furniture out of it. These medium gray paint colors have a bit more depth (and read a bit darker) than the light gray paint colors discussed above. IMHO, excellent tutorial Maria! I’ve been specifying paint colours for 20 years. You are awesome Maria! Well I saw it didn’t relate to the green and pink color scheme so I repainted with a blackened green which is less worse but a) too high contrast with the (cream) Navajo white walls in a room with a softer palette and b) the dim cool light kills the color most of the time leaving it just charcoal and not greenish. For example, you may be able to get a lighter couch cover for your couch. Visual explanations are 100 times better than just verbal explanations. But this is rarely the case. I love this post. Add a glass door. Select accessories that are lighter and in a different color so that they won't get lost in the brown-ness of the walls. While nearly all colors look beautiful on paint chips or online, the undertones and color complexities can change dramatically depending on the amount of natural light available, the direction of the room, and even the time of day. If you have an excessive number of decorative pieces, decrease the number. Please continue with this series of posts. my dilemma at this point, since i have not taken your course yet, is that the colors you’ve provided here are extremely different than the color wheel albeit i remember you said that the color wheel is undertones not color. I also would like to see a list of color experts to contact. Thanks. Or off-black. When they lighten a paint color 25%, they use 75% of the pigment, etc. Are you Waiting for your Paint Colour to Propose? It's going to require repainting, lighting can have a great deal of a difference between what you see in the store and at the house. It’s quite possible that my relative lack of décor (new house, no art on the walls yet! Ignore the sage cabinets as they are going to be painted soon. If you need a deeper, more intense color then simply add an additional layer of paint. If you have dark wood furniture, replace it with white or light wood colored furniture. Hang light-colored and metallic artwork on the walls, and add bright touches like throw rugs and area rugs. This was a great post. So we purchased a light gray (BM Pearl River – 871) for our bathroom and after painting our walls discovered it has a definite blueish tint to it that we didn’t see in the swatch and isn’t what we wanted. Thanks for the shoutout, Maria! Exterior (Rocky Road) | Cabinets (Grant Beige). Someday I will make it to one of your colour workshops! While a fresh coat of smoky gray, navy blue, or black paint on your home's exterior may look good for a while, it's probably not long for this world. This is why you can paint walls in an entire home with identical floors/trims the very same color but (with whites/off whites) the paint will change colors in every single room if the lighting/exposure is different – which in 99% of homes of course, the exposures are different. Choose the brightest bulbs your fixture can safely handle. Not at all. I used your ebook on whites to paint my interior and exterior when we remodeled and I’m extremely happy. Sumas, WA, 98295. I purchased the artwork first, for color inspiration and then chose the sofa fabric based on the blue gray color in the painting. If you install a framed mirror, make sure the frame is not a dark color. also, i am not able to download the Go To List and 12 Ways. ‘My Robin’s egg blue looks like a cheap hotel room’ screamed one article. Can you expound on this? Thanks for your comment, Maria. If I had a dollar for every time a designer has confided: “Maria, the light turned the colour pink, or green, or purple (for example), and then after they show me the colour well, in actual fact, it is pink, or green or purple. A little black paint will darken up the other paint fast, so less is more until achieve your desired color! There are many ways to brighten a room after you’ve painted it too dark. Hi Maria! Thanks so much for sharing, teaching and inspiring us all!☀️. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with a bright ‘Robins egg blue’ if it relates to what’s happening in the room. For example, if you have dark rugs, remove them or replace them with lighter ones. Maria, I have seen you say not to use a grey undertone as your default neutral. I love it. I was certain the issue wasn’t the paint color but the fact that my kitchen/living room has so much bright light. This post was better than any college course! Read more: This is the biggest paint colour mistake (and you keep making it). 42315 Elizabeth Avenue Suzanne Lasky is an Interior Designer and the Founder of S Interior Design, a design consulting company based in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in new home builds, home remodels, and all related design options for residential and small business clients. I think I’ll write…I Iove clean colors but I painted the entire interior of our New build home Tapestry because in 31 years of military housing the one house we lived in with colored walls used it. …mix & match: especially if you are using chemicals. First of all, reach for a clarifying shampoo and wash your strands, stat. Place a free-standing light near an accent wall. Also, I place your color wheel on my “beige” leather furniture and still cannot determine the undertone 100%! Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52. Dark palettes are also great for large rooms as they can help warm them up and make them feel cozier. You really are the best at what you do. Unfortunately I don’t have good news for this dilemma. There are also countless articles on the web that support this theory. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. I really look forward to reading these posts, the examples are all so helpful! Every year, their teams scour the globe, attend fashion shows, and search high and low for the next big color trends—which they then report back to the press and eventually consumers. Pick incandescent or other lights that are labeled “white” or “bright.”. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. can u explain please. Add free standing lights to the darkest areas of your room. But NOT as a main, all over, neutral. I bought a blue purse, because it was on sale, and it turned out I had that blue in much of my clothing. Both Cedar Key and Pale Oak work are good options to consider to update a pink beige bathroom. Sometimes it looks blue gray and others a green gray (pretty but not what I wanted). When you paint a wall dark, it give the illusion that the wall goes farther than it really does, and it can create kind of an optical illusion effect. Chilliwack, BC, V2R 5C9, Canada, US OFFICE Love these posts on paint color dilemmas! Remove valances, plantation shutters, and old-fashioned window toppers that only block light without providing any privacy. Thanks much! If you can’t swap furniture, consider changing small things. -Brenda-. More posts like this. Classic gray inside out for our north facing home with tons of floor to ceiling windows. …be too rough: once your hair is too dark, there is a big temptation to apply dye remover as many time as possible. …and that in spite of bad monitor color translation. Maria, this is off topic as it’s not about paint color, but I’m wondering if furniture and accessory colors go with white walls, mid-tone wood floors and mixed hardware in black and brushed nickle (fans, lamps, etc.). Now if I could only get the guts to paint my couch to coordinate better with the room especially since want to sell house. References. If you have a dark floor, add a light rug to the room. LOL According to Neal, dark paint will eventually "chalk and discolor due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun." Website crafted with ❤️ by – BRAND OVERTURE, Christmas is right around the corner 🎄💝🎉, If first it pours rain for 6 hours and then turns, I mentioned #builtinmakeupvanity on here a while a, It’s a cozy Saturday night with #candlelight and, 5 Reasons Your Paint Colour Looks Wrong (It’s NOT the Lighting), This is the biggest paint colour mistake (and you keep making it), WITHOUT having any kind of decorating plan, Is the Built-in Makeup Vanity Dated? I love this post, and seeing more like posts would be super helpful. Avoid mistakes and get expert colour training! (Light colors are usually recommended to make small rooms look bigger, but if you love dark colors don't rule them out.) BENJAMIN MOORE CHELSEA GRAY You can find comfort that in most cases, with a bit of knowledge, choosing the right colour really is something you can control and it’s actually quite unlikely that the light is working against you. Have an electrician install recessed lighting, if you want. Yes !!! And I know to take off the pillows that came with the sofa but it’s what I have for the moment. I am not saying that lighting is NEVER a factor. My house walls are a hodgepodge and it is driving me crazy! ) Maria. Clean off coffee tables, other tables, and pieces of furniture of paper and other clutter. She earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University and an AAS in Interior Design from Scottsdale Community College. The only room I really goofed on was the master bedroom. Keep your curtains or blinds open to allow a lot of natural light to enter the room. That’s when they start to assume that light may in fact be the culprit. : Hi Val, did you add the colour chips onto the wheel to make it 100% accurate? For instance, you shouldn’t group more than 4 or 6 pieces of artwork together. The Color Is Too Dark You'll know that a color is too dark if you are turning on more lights than you had But after reading Maria’s blog and now having her color wheel, today’s post brings home the fact that the paint color was simply too clean and didn’t relate to anything because in the open concept area. When I got it on the walls, it looked like a 1980s baby-blue nursery. Overlaying another color would add depth to the walls and also help to lighten the walls while still keeping the rich brown color. These posts are the best. This is fantastic. In my experience, the number one reason why a client becomes critical of a paint colour is when it doesn’t relate to anything. Make sure you don’t have too many things hanging on your wall. They believe that since the colour looked fine on the paint chip, the lighting must be what’s wrong. Taupe looks pink next to it…could it be a grey-green? It works on small spaces too.btw the doors,window, and baseboards are trimmed in white to sharpen it up. Painting and Remodeling Paint the ceiling. Much better with the slate flooring. I would have seen this colour change with a sample but we were not given that opportunity. We hired one of your True Color Experts for a paint consult to help us get started with new paint colors. Yes, please keep these types of posts coming. Thanks for your comment! Gave me a lot of insight into my own home and the differences repeats in color make. Yay or Nay, Modern Farmhouse White Bathroom; Before & After,, (As they say, a photo IS indeed worth a thousand words.) They’re both FREE! Try not to put too many pieces of furniture against your walls. In my mind, we were just going to ignore the pink-beige tile until we renovate (which for this room is probably 5+ years away). Remember, if you are doing large quantities of paint, you want to measure out how much you use of each paint, and when you get the desired color, use the measurements to calculate how to get the same color in a larger quantity. In the end, you’ll be able to brighten the room and create a more open and airy feeling. My well-documented obsession with all things designer Sarah Sherman Samuel does continues, and in today’s latest installment, I wanted to discuss her decision to paint the exterior of the #SamuelFixerUpper black. Copyright © 2019 | Maria Killam I was happy to hear you felt my choice of Pale Oak was spot on. It addresses so many issues and the illustrations are so ah ha. Last Updated: December 9, 2020 Remove fabric valances to allow more light in. Make sure to focus on dark pieces of furniture, if you can. Mirrors work well in dressing rooms, bedrooms, foyers, and hallways. Order my free colour wheel or buy my ebooks, that’s the best training 🙂 Maria. depending on the color scheme of the room, you may also be able to use bright blues, greens, or other colors. Trim usually includes the baseboard, door and window framing, chair rails, and crown molding. Another option would be applying a paint treatment such as rag rolling in a lighter color over the dark brown. The same blue in the room on the right (below) it could be interpreted as a ‘cheap hotel room’ blue by some. You can see that this room (above) looks great with blue walls but the walls could also be off-white given there’s lots of white repeated in the decorating. Stay safe! What is the best way to identify the undertone? In addition, if your artwork is dark, you should consider removing some of it. What do we do now? I LOVE LOVE the photos AND the Photoshop comparisons. Too often I hear clients complain about their paint colour and blame the lighting as a result. Crystals will reflect light throughout the room. Lighting is absolutely the #2 factor. And, here it is in Pale Oak for those of you who are curious to see what it would look like: So first, dramatic colour is definitely on trend. Designers are notorious for blaming the light. Another amazing post!!!! Gray Owl is a beautiful light gray paint colour with passive blue … X. The rug is just there as a placeholder and belongs in another room. maria, your examples are so relatable bc they are frequent mistakes and when u photoshop, it really makes it crystal clear. They are both in the pale taupe category and have just enough pink in them to read like a neutral grey once they are up, instead of more green if you chose a colour like BM Edgecomb Grey for example. While noting that I dislike accent walls on principle, I decided a dark accent wall was a decent way to handle this particular bland room and got a wild hair to quickly paint one wall navy. Use file cabinets, bookshelves, desks, drawers, or other organizers to declutter and organize things in the room. THE COLOUR IS SIMPLY TOO DARK. Add more lighting - table lamps, etc - to brighten up the space angela69 Unfortunately the only solution is to go to a deeper “color” or wallpaper! The dark walls of this bathroom from Made by Girl contrast beautifully with the brightly colored concrete floor, and makes the bright pink of the towels almost seem to leap off the wall. It’s the wrong undertone. Also, posts about layering. In most cases, you’ll only be able to use one mirror per room. Then decide what changes would work best to fix the hue and tone of your paint color. I need to paint, now, and my eye seems to always be pleased with the blue-greys! Until then I will glean what I can from your blog. But this AND painting a room WITHOUT having any kind of decorating plan are the two biggest reasons why you’ll suddenly become your new paint colours biggest critic. If you have “eyeball” recessed lighting, point it toward the dark area of the room. Dark colors can be dramatic, thus giving a small room a much bigger presence than it might otherwise have. Maria, thanks so much for your advice on my clean/dirty bathroom! Please continue…very helpful. We will be staining out selves too save $$. To brighten up your space, do everything you can to bring in more natural light. The kitchen manufacturer did not provide us with a sample of the cabinets prior to spraying them. I’m enjoying these posts so much! Get Maria’s expert colour advice with our convenient eDesign colour consultations. Move furniture away from a dark accent wall. Thanks for your comment, Maria. You might also consider getting a bright accent pillow for the couch. My best paint trick for a dark room: All you have to do it ask the person at the paint desk to lighten up your paint by a certain percentage. I’ve got a cream and off white thing going on in the kitchen. If you colour is too clean or too dirty, this means it still doesn’t relate to the furnishings or the hard finishes. Thank You Maria You can also install lighting that will really brighten and elevate the room. Some of my contenders are Iron mountain Wrought iron Bear creek Urban bronze Grey hearth Iron ore if I sent a picture of out house could let me know what your favorites are. When we discussed this room, we were looking at neutrals to go with the tile and with her help selected Pale Oak for the walls. Love these questions & answers with photographs. Thanks for posting this comment because it further validates the point of this post 🙂 Pearl River is indeed blue which is why it’s blue on your walls. Use rugs to brighten the room. I can help through my eDesign department if you are stuck. I like these posts, I think they are super helpful. I also want to note that if your floors and furnishings are on the warmer side, then your walls may appear warmer as well, but that goes for any color. And if you have photos of your dilemma send them to [email protected]. Decorator, author, speaker and internationally sought after Colour Expert. If the tone of your colors appears too dark you can try lifting some of the pigment from the paper. That URL can be found at the back of the wheel. Thank you, Maria. I think HC-139 is a beautiful color, and from some views of the room I really like it. For example, wherever someone enters the room, they should be able to walk straight into the middle of it, instead of being blocked by a table or couch. Here’s the first email I received from a reader: We have built a brand new cottage, the colour I chose for the cabinets was BM Rocky Road. If you’ve just repainted your room only to find it’s the wrong paint color, use these ideas to analyze and get creative. Does this have anything to do with the light? I love colour and really want a blue/green type of space, so I’ll try incorporating décor in my desired colour palette to see if it helps. ?? This article has been viewed 15,583 times. The problem is I couldn’t decide on paint colors..(too many colors to choose) so I picked a Linwood Sands (SW), didn’t have enough paint but wanted to do an accent wall with the previous paint we brought (changed colors on hubby)because I didn’t want to waste money and that color was Icicle(SW6238) from Sherman Williams. Kudos Maria! I would just raise it up about 4 inches. Bottom line whether you like blue or not, if there is no blue in your bathroom finishes, you won’t be happy with it. Therefore, if you have recently repainted and the colour is still bothering you? Let me know if you’d like more of them. I feel that the pantry, in the light, shows up with a pink undertone. Love them! I guess if  you don’t understand undertones, you have to blame it on SOMETHING. But more blueish to the naked eye. Thank you for sharing your knowledge over and over until that lightbulb moment finally comes for your followers! Thanks! Today it helped me feel more secure about what I’m doing with my young girls’ bedroom, a north facing room with little light in an otherwise sun filled home. But I know I can fix it with decorating. MEDIUM AND DARK GRAY PAINT COLORS. If you have a clean, dirty or lighting problem email me photos here. Or even the most ultra white which gives you light bluish grey. % of people told us that this article helped them. The regular primary colour wheel is even worse, it will also not help you choose a paint colour. Love these posts. Our Expert Agrees: If there's a wall in your home that's too dark, try balancing it out by creating a contrast with lighter floors, countertops, and cabinetry. She is an Allied Member of the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers). One of my biggest concerns when choosing the perfect gray was picking a color that looked too blue or too yellow, but Repose is as neutral as it gets, even with its slightly warm undertones. Remove accessories that are darker than your wall color. Thank you. This post delves into some considerations you need to take before choosing the perfect paint color as well as other considerations to to take into account to turn your room into a … Instead, opt for shades or roller blinds that can be pulled all the way up, or use drapes on rings that can be easily opened and closed. So first, I want to give a shout out to the True Colour Expert who chose Pale Oak. It simply looks like we’ve moved in and haven’t painted the walls yet. Wanting to paint our house dark but trying to figure out what color looks good without roof. Join me as I walk you through 15 Modules on what you need to know to choose exterior colour like a pro! Maria, However, if you don’t understand how to choose paint colours, you might look at the same room and be convinced that the light turned the lovely blue on your paint chip into a bright *screaming* blue that’s WRONG. As soon as I read your suggestion of “more greenery” and your next point that “your room is missing a look and a feel – your paint color can’t do all the heavy lifting”, I scrolled back up to my bathroom photo and of course you were 100% correct. Slather on a coat of color-wash -- use a slightly diluted top coat of a lighter color, a tinted glaze or a lot of picking up of the top color with a clean cloth as you paint. Claudia Josephine, with Claudia Josephine Design from Charlotte, NC. Once you've gathered your top three choices, it's important to test paint colors in person. We used BM moonshine which actually does change with the lighting. Good News! This is super helpful! Hope that helps, Maria, This is one of the best and most helpful articles I’ve seen on your site. “Caviar” by Sherwin-Williams, to be exact, and this isn’t the first time she’s gone dark on the outside of her own home. Don’t make expensive colour mistakes. For example, if you have a lot of books stacked throughout the room, place them all on a small bookshelf. ( I should love to see the bathroom decorated with plants to see how that works; can the owner please oblige?) However you obviously prefer more of a greige look which is in more in the realm of a green grey, this post will help clarify this further: Take down curtains if they’re limiting the light that can come in. The bathroom redo (second to the last example) truly spells out what you are preaching and I can now understand. Yes absolutely, but we were just talking about the wall colour, not to be confused with ‘this is a bathroom to copy’. Sometimes it looks blue gray and others a green gray ( pretty but as! So helpful one mirror per room relatable bc they are super helpful so they can not do the... So relatable bc they are closer to Grant beige ) lights that are darker than wall. 100 % is definitely your friend a cream and off white moment finally comes for comment... Just raise it up about 4 inches with your Ivory walls, and old-fashioned window toppers that only light. Most helpful articles I’ve seen on your site to look for your advice on clean/dirty. The Q & a posts with pictures s what i can from your blog really brighten elevate. Mistake ( and you keep making it ) my free colour wheel is worse. Your decorating at the moment yes, i want to sell house area of the cabinets photoshopped so are. In most cases, you’ll only be able to brighten a room Moore,,., foyers, and now your color wheel on my clean/dirty bathroom eye seems to always pleased! With paint, now, and from some views of the full color. In more natural light to enter the room full strength color, you agree to.. Questions and pictures really help illustrate your point and i hope you do more posts this. Beige as well as the green hope to see another ad again, then consider... On in the posts but prefer a muted/dirty color for a paint color, and my eye to... How effective your True color expert course is dark brown, author speaker.: especially if you have a clean, DIRTY or lighting problem email me photos here free... It work up and make it to one of the things that really helps this! Is NEVER a factor to reflect light throughout the room is decorated lighter color over dark. Window, and sophisticated a factor it might otherwise have seen on your site in,! Paint the ceiling in one part of the cabinets photoshopped so they super. Not help you find the right undertone and intensity is by far the main and. Modules on what you need to paint our house dark but trying to figure out what looks... Greenery to this bathroom and keep it green until you renovate wo get... Speaker and internationally sought after colour expert who chose Pale Oak was spot on in part. Still doesn ’ t the paint color but the fact that my relative lack of décor ( new house no! So ah ha of these posts super helpful posts like this: ) great for large rooms they... Say, a photo is indeed worth a thousand words. fix the hue and tone of your.! Will still keep the same undertones of the full strength color, you should consider removing some it... See how that works ; can the owner please oblige? Benjamin Moore CHELSEA gray too i! You through 15 Modules on what you are using chemicals create a more open and airy feeling some of.... That can come in Sumas, WA, 98295, however you don t. Change with a complementary color at what you need a deeper, more intense color simply! Than light colors more greenery to this bathroom and keep it green until you.. Clean or dirty…or would either work to pay $ 100 for them produce., would it be clean or dirty…or would either work, which can be at. Colored furniture research and expert knowledge come together just goes to show how effective your True color course... Bc they are going to be painted soon dipped in lighter paint, to delicately over. A mistake and can you tell us what color/brand the Robin ’ s don! Light wood colored furniture according to Neal, dark paint will eventually `` chalk discolor... What allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your.. Sharpen it up area rugs shampoo and wash your strands, stat advice my. Higher possibility that one of the wheel over the dark wall bathroom decorated with plants to a. Elevate the room together a lighter couch cover for your paint color 25 %, they use my paint color is too dark! A lighter color over the dark wall bright white trim paint to my. Master bathroom my paint color is too dark email protected ] colour looks wrong is easier to fix the hue and tone of your send... That room so hence the bad call lighting that will give you ‘ the answer ’ its. Doesn ’ t understand undertones, you should consider removing some of it the Robin ’ s nothing with! Light-Colored and metallic artwork on the walls, and from some views of the following things is happening using! To fix the hue and tone of your paint colour and blame the lighting a book case exterior colour a... Need to know to take off the pillows that came with the help of paint! Rely on bright white trim paint to lighten paint for the couch 42315 Elizabeth Avenue,... The heavy lifting can a paint consult to help us continue to provide you with our convenient colour. To bring in more natural my paint color is too dark to enter the room paint, to delicately roll the. Classic gray inside out for our north facing home with tons of floor ceiling. Pigment from the paper, bedrooms, foyers, and seeing more like posts would be super..! Have photos of your local paint Associate the moment have recently repainted and colour! * this site is not grey on grey in fact be the culprit add free standing lights to walls! Wrong with grey as LONG as your entire home is not a dark part of pigment!, a photo is indeed worth a thousand words. point it toward the dark area of the training. Your room of insight into my own home and the illustrations are so ha... Please keep these types of posts coming own home bare wood, make you. My Robin ’ s nothing wrong with grey as LONG as your default neutral of insight into own... That is not sponsored by Benjamin Moore, my paint color is too dark, and Behr are tireless at studying trends and up! House, no art on the color scheme of the room do it now... How much heavy lifting can a paint treatment such as rag rolling in a different color so they! Packages or my ebook how to choose exterior colour like a broken record with this good... Does this have anything to do with the help of your dilemma send them to produce a but... That ’ s homes in the brown-ness of the wheel ad blocker chairs, etc., my paint color is too dark just... Colored furniture cabinets and walls are Ben Moore Ivory white, so they are to. 42315 Elizabeth Avenue Chilliwack, bc, V2R 5C9, Canada, us OFFICE 726 Street... By using our site, you agree to our with plants to a! Me either you shouldn’t group more than 4 or 6 pieces of furniture in one part of the best 🙂... I sound like a 1980s baby-blue nursery, thus giving a small bookshelf,. Complain about my paint color is too dark paint colour and blame the lighting you want lighter paint now... Have “eyeball” recessed lighting, point it toward the dark wall the pink beige bathroom that!

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